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"2015 Annual Convention"

The Kansas Land Improvement Contractors Association Annual Convention will be held in Salina, KS, Jan. 25. & 26, 2015 at the Courtyard Marriott, 3020 Riffel Dr., Salina, KS. 785-309-1300. The annual event features a Sunday afternoon Assoiciate Event and Auction. Monday will feature Break Out sessions and the annual meeting in the afternoon. This is an opportunity to meet fellow contractors and associate members along with learning information about new products, taxes, regulations and business issues. To register or participate in the event, please see the forms on the Registration menu.


  • Feyh Farm & Seed
  • Foley Equipment Co.
  • Murphy Tractor & Equipment Company, Inc.
  • Prins Insurance
  • Purple Wave Auction
  • United Fire Group

    "What We Do"

    The Kansas Land Improvement Contractors Association exists to serve land improvement contractors at all business, training, and government levels.

    The KLICA is your non-profit state and national association, funded in part by membership dues and support of associate members. By being a member, you join the ranks of business owners who demonstrate their dedication and commitment to enhancing and protecting the land.

    KLICA is the Kansas affiliate of the Land Improvement Contractors of America (LICA). For over 50 years, KLICA members have paved the way for our contry's growth and expansion. Our members work in cities and rural areas providing a wide range of services.